Is my strategy any good?

Business and marketing overviewAn effective strategy:

  • gives you a common point of reference to guide future decisions.
  • is a flexible framework to experiment, learn and optimise.
  • makes you accountable to your stakeholders.
  • includes your success metrics.

A key learning: Things change and your strategy should allow you to adapt to remain effective.

Bottom line: Your strategy will be judged on its results.

What tips can you share about creating an effective strategy?



  1. Kate Wolters

    That “common point of reference” is key – and is more important the bigger you get. If your strategy isn’t clearly and directly articulated, you will battle to achieve consistency across all your teams and agencies, let alone across your marketing & communications. And it needs enough graularity to be unambiguous.

    As for tips? Sheesh. Understand what it is you really want to achieve with your strategy, and then spend time understanding the people you’re trying to reach or influence. If you can map out a plan that allows you to support your key strategic objectives while delivering on the core needs of your end user / consumer, you’re sorted.

  2. Jess

    The strategy should always change, and the key is to take key learning’s to inform your strat going forward. Especially on Social Media where you can use the valuable insights gained from say your Facebook Page to inform how you move forward month to month.

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