10 Tech Trends for 2013 from Deloitte SA: Elements of postdigital

Tech trends 2013, CIO, IPv6, mobile, social reengineering, hacker-proof, pace layer, ERP, big data, gamificationHere are the trends and key elements we took away from the presentation:

#1 The CIO as the postdigital catalyst
The challenge of the CIO is to work closely with the COO, HR Director and CMO to be an effective change agent. There is greater scope for experimentation with technology than ever before. Large corporates as well as small enterprises have the opportunity to test small before implementing on a large scale.

#2 Mobile only (and beyond)
There is already greater focus on  developing mobile only solutions. Beyond this, we will see mobile increasingly integrating with real world sensors to optimise functionality and logistics.

#3 Social reengineering by design
Social needs to be meaningful for both business and its relevant audiences and can provide ROI that you can forecast and manage.

#4 Design as a discipline
We’ve seen design thinking (from industrial design) influence technology development already. Elements from other design disciplines can help the development cycle, for example, a pace layer approach from architecture bases design on need stages.

#5 IPv6 (and this time we mean it)
IPv6 will address the scarce resource of IP addresses but we need people trained to scale to the opportunity of extra capacity.

#6 Finding the face of your data
With the advent of big data, corporates now have to mine the data effectively, applying the “so what?”

#7 Gamification goes to to work
It can encourage engagement and change customer, supplier and employee behaviour, gamification is enhancing call centre performance already.*

#8 Reinventing the ERP engine
Infrastructure costs reduced by cloud solutions give businesses more opportunity to invest in what they do on the platform available, allowing them to achieve better business insights from the platform.

#9 No such thing as hacker-proof
Security will be a rising cost in business.

#10 The business of IT
It’s time for an update… the cobbler’s children need new shoes.

The principal speaker was Deloitte Consulting’s CTO, Mark White.

Read the full report. 

*There was a leader board at the presentation showing the top 5 tweets, gamifying the  participation in the earned media of the launch of the report.


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